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Solid One

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Solid One is Flux Lab’s first headphone amplifier with integrated USB DAC with high-resolution PCM and DSD64 data support. Digital music converted to analog signals by AKM AK4399 DAC.

Amanero Technologies’ USB audio interface is used – this is one of the best solutions for outputting USB digital stream in asynchronous mode.

Special digital isolator bridge eliminates ground loops and reduces noise, helps to create quality sound out of your digital recordings stored on your PC. MUSES operational amplifiers contribute to the excellence of sound, which hard to express in specification numbers, but it touches your heart.

Unique driver technology will make your headphones sound like conventional speakers. Every headphone with impedance from 4 to 600 ohms will give you best personal listening experience.

Solid One’s front panel is machined from solid piece of aluminium and black anodized as the finish coating. Its beautiful design as well as vintage voltmeters create stunning visual impression. Small and compact size allows you to fit Solid One on a desk close to your computer or locate it anywhere in your space.

Includes 30 watt high end speaker output to listen to speakers when you want to share your favourite tracks with friends or loved ones.

Transformer cover CNC milled out of single piece of steel with 7mm thick side walls will prevent any electromagnetic interference on amplifier’s and DAC’s electronic components.
DAC-chip AKM AK4399
Digital inputs USB Amanero: 16Bit, 24Bit, 32Bit – 32kHz to 192kHz, DSD64
DAC Analog outputs RCA, XLR
Analog outputs Headphone 6.3mm (0,15Ohm), headphone 6.3mm (20Ohm), speakers
Output power Headphone: 1W at 300Ohm, 7.1W at 30Ohm
Speakers: 29W at 4Ohm, 19W at 8Ohm
Gain Low gain - 13.8dB
High gain - 20.7dB
Headphone impedance 4-600Ohm
Speaker impedance 4-8Ohm
Power Consumption 110W
Weight 8.6kg
Size 280mm x 151mm x 398mm