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IRIY | Flux Lab Acoustics – High-End Audio IRIY – Flux Lab Acoustics – High-End Audio


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Smart design

Discreet and functional design easy to cover all needs of headphone lovers. There main options are covered there: high quality DAC, headphones amplifier and headphones stand with cord holder. The top and the face of the IRIY precisely made with CNC finishing from non-magnetic material using high-quality painting which delivers great touch feeling of nice looking curves of the shell


All about the sound

At the core of the Flux IRIY you will have one unit of rare DAC chip model AK4399EQ from AsahiKASEI in a pair with most performance USB audio interface from Amanero Technologies. Clean and clear sound due to special design of digital isolator bridge which eliminates ground loops and reduces noises from your PC. Flagship MUSES OP AMP used in conjunction with powerful output stage based on bipolar transistors which provides neat, transparent sound with excellent resolution, control and dynamics

Clean Power

The power supply is one of most the important things which can significantly affect on the device sound quality. Specially designed bipolar linear power supply is used for IRIY, so you can be calm no noises won’t interrupt you to enjoy the sound


Frequency Response 20Hz-20Khz, +/-0.1dB
Digital inputs USB supports 24bit/192kHz PCM and DSD64 native decoding
Analog inputs RCA
Output power 1,400 mW x 2 at 32 ohms, 160 mW x 2 at 300 ohms
Output Impedance < 0.1 ohm
Power Consumption 15 W
Dimensions H : 67.85 mm or 2.67 inch (without bracket)
H : 333 mm or 13.1 inch (with bracket)
W : 190.5 mm or 7.48 inch
D : 221 mm or 8.7 inch
Weight 2.6 kg or 5,73 lbs